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Day 13 of 100 - Endless gluttony...

When I get stressed, I feel it in my stomach, and it makes me just want to eat. Despite being a meditation guide, I end up getting a lot of stress in my stomach when it comes to social situations. Somehow, I keep attracting people who like to talk, and I can't seem to get a word in and I just consumed by their energy.

It drains me. It saps me dry. Then I just want to eat.

This seems to be one of the reasons why my gluttony is being triggered. Plus my lack of discipline. Fact is, I like the taste of food, even if I feel like shit afterwards.

I have to stop talking this way? I dunno. I seem to keep repeating it. I don't have the major internal drive to want to change it. When I think about what I'll do instead, my alternative is "JUST SUPERFOOD" which is hardcore. But I don't feel like that satisfies that habit that just wants to consume.... The habits in the guts that JUST. WANTS. TO. CONSUME. That pit of greed.

Didn't get enough of a chance to discard it today.

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