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Day 28 of 100 - Using gratitude to re-find my mojo...

I am honestly struggling to find a way to enjoy this. And struggling to find a way to get back into the momentum of things… So instead of doing what I normally do and complain about it and wonder why I’m going to try the opposite and see where it goes from here.

This blog is about gratitude. I don’t feel like I’ve been sincerely expressing it. I have been getting caught in my negativity from time to time. So let’s go with the gratitude.

Time for gratitude...

First, gee I’m grateful to my Dad. I was never really close to him, in regard to being able to sit down and have a chat to him, but I’ve always really loved him. The older I get, the more I appreciate the love and sacrifice he has given to me and my brothers. He’s not a super wealthy or successful person in the eyes of the world, but he’s a good man and a good father. I’ve carried judgements and thoughts against him because of our past. I've been afraid to ask for help when I needed it, but he’s never not helped. He’s always been so graceful in trying to help. Even when I’m in turmoil and stressing and wondering how to ask, I just ask…. And he helps. I think 1 of the main differences in our relationship now is the fact my mind is completely different. I talk to him with a nice, clear mind and I’m honest and upfront. He’s really helping me a lot lately, particularly with some major financial issues.

My parents have really gone above and beyond to provide me with a life that I can try to succeed in....

I’m grateful to Brisbane Meditation. I’m the helper / meditation guide here. I get to look after it, and it’s a beautiful centre. I’m a volunteer, but I don’t pay rent or bills, so it takes that stress out of life. It’s a beautiful centre, in a beautiful area, in a beautiful city. I just love it.

Letter box brochure drops in this beautiful area!

I’m grateful for the fact that I thoroughly enjoy creating content. I do need to break out of the fear of recording in front of people (lingering social anxiety?), but for the most part I just love it. It’s really giving me a sense of purpose in the day to day and allowing me to develop a consistency I never had before.

I’m grateful for the meditation method I practice. It’s turned my life around. I used to be such a dark, negative person with so many bad habits. My existence was like a sinking pit, I’d suck the joy out of anything. I honestly believe if I went to a doctor, they’d tell me I had depression, anxiety and bipolar. My mood swings are epic. But I *know* that that is simply because of the types of experiences I’ve had in my life, which created a “picture” in my mind about reality that I’d swing between. It’s not some chemical imbalance. The chemical imbalance is a by product of a rampant mind. And yeah, conditions still come to knock me off my feet, but I’m able to just get up and keep moving. I have the strength of character now thanks to meditation and discarding all that shit from my mind.

I refuse to believe in anxiety - there is only mind

I’m grateful for the vision which drives me forward. Through serendipitous circumstances in my life, I have been thoroughly blown away, and the Universe has revealed my path to me. It’s been a path that has sometimes overwhelmed me, but more often than not it has been the driving force for me when things go dark. I can’t give up knowing what I know. I won’t give up knowing what I need to do. The Universe has instilled in me what I need to move, and what I need to do, and I won’t stop until that end is reached.

What dreams are made of....

Now my entire being is filled with gratitude…. And it feels so wonderful. Just so wonderful.

I wish I would never forget….

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