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Day 12 of 100 - Acceptance of my bad habits....

It kind of just hit me, as I was creating some wholesome content for YouTube, that I'm not even taking the advice I'm trying to give out! In order to change a habit, you have to stop fighting it and accept it. I think the problem with gluttony is it just goes so deep that I never knew where to begin.

The want to change it is strong when I feel like shit. But I have this habit of getting to a point where I've lost weight, I'm happy, then let myself go a bit. This has been a continuous pattern since I've been going to the gym. Problem is, a cheat day isn't just a single cheat day.... It's layered up with various other habits. I also write in Quora as I enjoy writing and I used the example of habits being like "skills" in a video game.

So it's like the above minds are just like "skills". How deep do they go? 10 is extremely deep, 0 is not even in the mind. If I "let myself go" as 10, and over time lowered that to a 6, I have to go easy on myself....

The trap here is complacency. But perhaps, I need to allow myself to be glutton from time to time, but keep it under control. Not just stop it all together, and then it snaps the other way! On top of that though, I do need to continuously reflect, and I think I need to work on just discarding the habit itself, which is deeply ingrained. It's not something I try all that hard to do....

And also, it's about starting today. Not tomorrow. That's another trap I realized when re-reading yesterday's blog.

Also, I need to write these a lot earlier than before bed *sigh*

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