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Day 15 of 100 - Overcoming bad habits

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

It's something I've written extensively about, and for the most part I put it into practice. But the main point is "YOU HAVE TO WANT TO CHANGE". If you don't want to change, there's no point. If the joy of eating outweighs the joy of being fit, it's an uphill battle.

For me, I absolutely want to be in good shape, and I've made huge changes to that. But what are my reasons? My main reasons are to attract the opposite sex. But I don't have the belief that I'll even ever get someone from the opposite sex. So what's the point?

Therefore, the joy of eating, which is a short term pleasure, outweighs the potential future where, in my mind there isn't even a partner anyway. So then the reasons for doing building that "good habit" are outweighed. I'll still do it. I'll still keep trying. Because I also want to be in shape for myself. But I'm a hedonist and a glutton and that priority wins.

From now on, I also want to try not talking about it, because a part of me feels like putting this much attention on it is also perpetuating the issue. Well, when I say a part of me, I mean to say what I've heard from others. Which is really just a part of me.

So from now on.... fuck it, not talking about for a while. Have to write with a fresh and new mind each day. If I focus on the problem it just makes it bigger.

In any case, today is day 15 of the 100 day challenge, and it was tough to want to put content up cause it was a Sunday. But I did. I'm grateful that the universe seemed to send a lot of people my way today to really help lift me up.

I'm not sure if it gets any easier, or if this is it. I hope it gets easier....

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