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Day 19 of 100 - Slow start, fast finish

This is a bit of a pattern lately.... Where the day starts slow, but then the energy explodes as the day progresses.

It seems I get all my energy from connecting with people, but for some reason this is not always the case, so I'm fascinated by this.

I wonder if it's because I had a big lunch, and then get a massive burst of energy from the food?

In any case, it was a bloody good lunch. I got a burger again and it was fricken deliiiicious! A parmy Hawaiin burger :D

It's been a highly, highly productive day, having to do all my taxes. Tell you what, pretty damn grateful for how much easier it is to do this mundane, useless shit when your mind is clearer. Thank God for meditation....

This is a quick blog because it's so late, and I'm rushing everything and I'm exhausted. I can't remember the last time I slept for more than 5 hours =/

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