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Day 20 of 100 – 1/5th of the way

As I’m sitting on the plane, falling asleep, trying to convince myself that this one is OK to miss, I decided to not let that thought win * deep yawns *

Flying on a plane.... Also on a journey. Double whammy

This is what consistency is. To tell this story. To be forever grateful. It’s been a testing day, and I’ve been flat out and have faced many minds. But as with all of them, they are only tests, and as long as I stay grateful, then there is nowhere to go but forward.

I’m feeling more connected with the people I’m helping, and even really opening up to strangers around me. I am continuously shifting my mindset to one of openness and gratitude and I’m reminded of a beautiful saying “love is to be given, not received”. It is truly the only way to live. To give love and have no expectation of any in return. To smile at strangers. To greet them. To make them laugh when. What a beautiful way to live.

I’ve been able clean up the place where I live from top to bottom in preparation for people who will stay there in my absence. I wanted it to be clean for them. It’s the strangest thing that the internet wasn’t work so well this morning, as though the Universe was directing me to that task so I could do that and not get stuck in the task that I “wanted” to do.

What will be, will be. I just keep moving forward, embracing and accepting. Things don’t go to plan, so I am learning to adapt and just trust that flow.

With gratitude…. I just trust that flow.

PS – 1/5th of the way! That’s what this was about! Pretty damn cool. Once I build up this confidence of consistency, I can start to slowly build in other habits and break down other habits. 10 to 0. 0 to 10. Bit by bit.

Thank you Mother and Father <3

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