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Day 25 of 100 – OK I kind of lost it for a bit…..

I’ve been running from place to place, with barely enough time in between. I should feel guilty that I didn’t do it last 2 days, but not gonna waste my time with such an emotion.

Instead, I’m just grateful I’ve got to have 2 jam packed day. 1 was mostly recovery, the other was mostly repartying again. There’s definitely been a lot of that going on haha.

Yesterday got to see Matt’s property again. Such a beautiful place! Just fully embracing and living in the moment and going with the flow. He’s a very strong presence, but such a beautiful guy! We went for a swim in his lake, had plenty of beers, and he cooked up an absolute storm! We went later than expected, but again I just went with the flow. We sang and drank till the early hours and didn’t sleep all that much now…

Now I’m on my way to Phil’s house in Boddington. Keen to check that out…. Absolutely love the Australian outback. The colours. The expanse. The subtlety. Very unassuming, but awe-inspiring none the less. Surreal. So it will be good to see Phil’s place after all this talk about it.

I’m sitting here, stopped in traffic, writing this….. waiting and waiting. But still staying on the path. Still spreading the love and positivity. And going where the wind takes me. Fulfilling my destiny.

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