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Richard Heart: Love Him or Hate Him, It's Time For Self Reflection and to Align Yourself With the Old World or the New World


Richard Heart - you either love him or hate him.

How can someone represent love for some, but hate for others?

Through the lens of RHMax (Max), I want to share why I think this is, and why self reflection can show you that it might come down to your own false ego.

Neutral Observations on Richard Heart

I've always tried to be neutral towards everyone and see them beyond the character they present to the world.

With Richard Heart, the founder of Hex and Pulsechain, I see his positive and negative qualities (we all have them).

Lately, I have shifted towards mostly positivity, due to the assault he is under from the old world (traditional finance).

Throughout history, people who bring messages of a new world are always fighting against the old world.

You can think any number of great men.

From the Jesus Christ, who brought a message of love and unity, to Galileo Galilei, to Martin Luther King, and even John Lennon.

Energetically, the new message clashes with the old, because it says good bye to it.

This is exactly why Richard Heart is so polarizing.

Richard Heart is Not a Prophet, But He is a Visionary

I don't mean to make a prophet of Richard.

Jesus Christ is one of the greatest men who ever lived.

But in today's society, money is the religion of the world; Wall Street is the Vatican City.

Richard is a visionary that has come forth and sees a better world through decentralized finance.

It democratizes the centralized power that banks have and hands it people.

But power is never surrendered easily.

It's easy for "them" to control the narrative - and this is what they're doing with Richard Heart.

The Loved Richard

Be a force for good - the first thing you see on Max's website.

Max also has a YouTube channel where he shares his favourite messages of Richard's.

When I spoke to him, he said Richard came into his life at just the right time.

It made a pattern click in my mind.

In my life, when I need something, I simply ask the Universe / God / Buddha / Allah (whatever you want to call it), and the answer always comes.

The right people come, or the right message, or the right lesson, comes at the right time.

It's the workings of Truth and it is positively tuned.

Every person who loves Richard shares a very similar story of a man who helped them.

The pattern is clear.

And this is the Richard I came to know through their stories.

The Hated Richard

The outrage marketing Richard.

As someone who knows intimately and objectively the structure of the human mind, it's easy for me to look passed this.

I see why it upsets people, because I was also upset with things he had said.


Because it's offends "me" - the self made concept of "me".

If he calls Bitcoin stupid, he's callng "me" stupid, right? If he calls something stupid I associate with "me", he is calling "me" stupid, right?

No, that is the false ego.

That creates a negative response.

While most of it is purposeful to attract attention, some of it I also believe he believes.

But it's easy for me to separate from that "me", because it's just a false construct of the mind.

I look beyond that and observe - what is he trying to achieve?

What's is Richard Heart Trying to Achieve?

Richard is trying to create a better world for everyone with more freedom, more self autonomy, and more positive contributions to life.

This is the direction life always goes.

From kings to democracies, the power is always returned to people.

One of the last centralized sources of power is money.

But no matter, it's nature's flow for it to go back to the people - it's inevitable because it's the Truth.

And Richard is at the fore front of this, having mined Bitcoin back in 2011.

After retiring a self made multi millionaire, he focused his attention on finding a purpose.

And that purpose is to change the monetary system for the betterment of everyone.

Love Him or Hate Him, I Don't Agree With All His Methods

I look beyond the imperfections and focus on what he's trying to achieve, and that's where we align.

That's where we are brothers.

That's where he is in my heart.

If you reflect on yourself, what do you hate most? I'm willing to bet you'll find it comes down to a collision with your false ego.

So the question is simple - do you want a more fair, equal and just world or not?

Whether you like it or not, that's where the world is going - it's just nature's flow.

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Jun 14

Good write up Steven. Richard is definitely an interesting character.

Replying to

Absolutely mate...

He's eccentric but he's also a genius

The geniuses are like this

I have faith I am exactly where I need to be

History will be on our side


Jun 14

Thank you for these words Coexistence Steven...

Anyone who challenges the status quo on a grand scale will be targeted for character defamation, everything will be thrown at them ... those who hold the power will not let go easily...

For me, Richard stands as a beacon of hope, a character of good will, something or someone to believe in on the path to creating new systems, a new world.

His work has opened so many peoples eyes to a freedom within reach, something we can participate in, build community around.

Ultimately I believe in truth and good prevailing... and until it does... I'm still going to invest in the bigger vision.

Replying to

Oh wow, is that you Max? Thanks for the words either way I couldn't agree more with the wisdom you just laid out

He is an innovator and at the forefront of change, and that's why so many of us gravitate towards him and it's also what makes him such a divisive character

But I stand with him and believe in his vision because it aligns with mine...

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