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Why Pulsechain Is Going To Be The Number 1 Blockchain : The Consciousness Behind It All


I'm going to be talking about why Pulsechain is going to be the number 1 blockchain because of the Consciousness behind it.

This isn't financial advice. This is just opinion based on on how I see the collective consciousness of Pulsechain.


The Universe is alive - there's just Energy and Light, Body and Mind, Emptiness and Consciousness (Mother and Father).

Everything comes from and is that, because it is alive.

It is my opinion, that the more perfectly aligned with that Consciousness we are, the more everything flows naturally.

Why Pulsechain Is Going To Be The Number 1 Blockchain - It's the Consciousness Behind it

Anything that succeeds or fails is due to the Consciousness behind it,

There are 3 layers of consciousness to Pulsechain.

It's First Layer of Consciousness - The Foundation

As a fork of Ethereum, it copied the entire system state - most of the ERC20's and liquidity pools.

This creates a potential for Ethereum users to bridge assets to Pulsechain and use a faster, cheaper and more effcient blockchain,

Richard Heart was mining Bitcoin in 2011 and has been a thought leader and innovator in cryptocurrency.

During The Highest of Stakes, Heart outlined his process for creating Hex (one of the few coins in history to do a 10,000x).

He alluded to a flow state and following synchronicities.

I completely trust a mind like this as I see it as more aligned with Universal Consciousness.

Watching Pulsechain unfold has only deepened my conviction.

It's Second Layer of Consciousness - The Community

Heart is a community builder and carefully nurtured and grew the Hex community, and many love him for it.

They have been devoted to his way of thinking and many have become "maxis".

I was never a maxi, but I favour his products because of how I feel about his mind, his nature and his intentions.

But as the community as grown, and as Pulsechain has grown, the community has also grown.

It has become highly adaptive, and has adjusted to the changing conditons of Pulsechain and cryptocurrency at large.

There's a dissemination of different ideas, different people, and different communities, attracting many different people for different reasons!

Atropa Ecosystem, Tang Gang, Phame / Phux / Phiat, pTGC - way too many to mention, and all with a unique flavour, but bound by the same energy that is Pulsechain.

It's exactly what makes a vibrant and thriving community.

The collective consciousness is growing.

The feedback loop within the community between problem and solution is rapid!

It's Third Layer of Consciousness - The Individuals

There's 100s of content creators.

RG3 - The captain and a leader from day 1.

CryptoKings, - TA GOATs and Meme superstars

CryptoHeartBeat, - Devoted Christian and father with a mature perspective

CryptoCoffee - Young, retired entrepenuer

Rags2Riches - Open minded, gentle, but hilarious

FundingGym - Networking genius and community bonder

YourFriendSommi - highest value crypto content, 18 hour a day content creator

Corey Costa - Community bridger

There's way too many to name!

They all bring a unique perspective, but are all together, trying to make Pulsechain better.

We Can't Fail... It's Simple

I've made many mistakes in my life when I lived in the shadow of my mind.

I had no wisdom, my mind was pitch black.

But now I can see - and it's the Consciousness which sees and knows.

The light can see as clear as day the mind behind the Consciousness of Pulsechain.

I have faith, because I am riding the flow - I'm not fighting against it anymore...

I am not doing anything, I have surrendered.

It may seem subjective, but it's the most objective thing of all to me.

Because I'm here, it will succeed.

It's as simple as that.

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