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BTCMobick's Strong Foundation = Strong Network: The Story of What You Might Be Missing Out On Pt2

Updated: Oct 4, 2023


This is where I have started to get really excited by BTCMobick, as I uncover just how strong I believe the foundation of the network is.

In this blog I dive into why I think there is so much potential in this particular fork, largely due to the ingenious design of the airdrop, which is evidenced by the explosive surge in price and search volume in a few short months.

The BTCMobick network foundation is  one of the strongest I've ever seen!
The BTCMobick network foundation is one of the strongest I've ever seen!

The Power of a Network is Dependant on How Strong the Foundation Is

The value of a network is related to the proportion and expansion of the network, known as Metcalfe's Law. While this is related to the telecommunication industry, the "network effect" is being observed in cryptocurrency.

South Korea regularly sits near the top of adoption and trading volume in cryptocurrency when compared to the rest of the world. This piqued my curiosity as a good place for a network's foundation.

They are extremely passionate about the concept of advancement and moving things forward, making it a powerful foundation for a network to begin from, which is shown in how quickly they've adopted cryptocurrency.

As one example, South Korea has 0 tax on cryptocurrency! This is a very deliberate move to encourage innovation and growth within the country rather than to stifle in, as you see in places like Australia and USA which have fumbled around with regulation.

Metcalfe's law can be applied to cryptocurrency like BTC Mobick
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The Ingenious Design of the BTCMobick Airdrop - The "Cost" in Time and Energy

With his intricate knowledge of Bitcoin, having witnessed it develop as an academic and expert on it, Oh Tae Mind states:

"You mine Bitcoin by expending electricity. You mine Mobick by sweating."

-Oh Tae Min

Normally when we receive an airdrop, it requires no effort. One day it just appears in your metamask, giving it no value in your mind, and for me, I tend to either ignore them or dump them.

But the BTCMobick airdrop is very unique, in that people physically travelled to various locations throughout South Korea, USA, and Australia, with some people flying around the world following Oh Tae Min to receive these airdrops!

The first airdrop was in South Korea, with people having to physically hike up a hill to receive the airdrop. The second airdrop was on a mountaintop after a hike, and an even more challenging hike for the third airdrop on Jeju Island.

By this time, the hype was really taking the Otavserse team by surprise, so they had to start limiting attendance by creating rules.

It's this physical output of time energy that gives the airdrop value in your mind that a regular metamask airdrop can never give!

As someone invested in Pulsechain, I am well aware of the power of "sacrifice" in order to receive a valueless token (even though there was no expectations or promise), and how strong it makes the foundation of a network and how it impacts it's growth.

The Data Tells the Story of a Growing Network

The following chart tells a story of just how strong this foundation is, where can you clearly see the growth of the networks foundation with the price surge that correlates with the search volume.

You could argue that it's just the people who received the airdrops, but even this is happening within that core foundation, it is still extraordinary growth.

The story of a strong foundation is showin in the BTCMobick chart
The story of a strong foundation is showin in the BTCMobick chart

1) Blue bars = trading volume

2) Black / white candles = price in KRW

3) Green line = GNC Coin (name of token before rebranding) search volume in Naver + Google

4) Pink line = Mobick Coin search volume in Naver + Google

Conclusion: How Big Can the BTCMobick Network Grow?

Starting in South Korea, and expanding out with the power of an ingenious airdrop design, BTCMobick is showing all the signs of an incredibly strong foundation, which is exactly what a growing network needs.

I believe it's not a question of how strong the foundation is - the question is how big can the network grow? And perhaps more exciting, just how high can the price go?

If you'd like to witness if first hand you can start by joining the community:

If you'd like to support my work, you can donate to my BTCMobick wallet: 3E4CHTmvD6f3AWkonp1HN29xseQsdHb5RJ

Thank you very much 감사합기다

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