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Day 100 of 100: Completed the 100 day Gratitude Challenge! My findings, changes, and tips!

And it's done! The 100 Day Gratitude Challenge :D :D :D

But anyway, it's really no big deal haha, because it's just the beginning of a renewed life with a renewed mind.

I want to add to my reflections on what I discovered, how I changed, and some of my tips for how to maintain the practice of gratitude, ending with why I think it's so important to live a grateful life.

How can gratitude bring me closer to God?
Reflections on how a grateful mind can change your being, your mind, and your life

My findings for doing 100 days of gratitude

Firstly, there's no doubt it brought me closer to the Source / Universe. Some people will call that God, some Buddha, others Allah, others Krishna, other Quantum Mechanics, others Laws of Physics, Mother Nature, Life, so on and so forth.

For me the name is so absolutely irrelevant because these are all constructs of the human mind - what's important is what IT IS. And just for the record, I truly love all of those names and all of those religions.

I am led to understand that all the religious texts talk about how important gratitude is. Even my meditation teacher.

This is one of my favourite videos about gratitude, which summarizes everything about why I wanted to do it.

But I never understood it, and it was so hard. I needed to consciously try it for my self.

I'll summarize my findings, as the intention was that it was an experiment!

  1. Closer to the Source / Universe / God / Buddha / Allah / Krishna

  2. Intensified synchronicities as a consequence

  3. Magnified ability to manifest

  4. A profoundly positive and happy mindset

  5. More trust in the flow of things / faith

Gratitude brings you closer to the source | How gratitude can bring you closer to God
A grateful mind is a positive mind

A deep dive on the change to my mind

It's funny that I feel like I'm seemingly brushing over getting closer to God, synchronicities, and manifesting, but it's become so "ordinary". Not ordinary in the sense of plain and boring, but ordinary in the sense of.... Just how IT IS. It used to be miraculous to me, but it's become the every day way of existing.

Perhaps one of the more profound things is the changed mind..... From feeling like a prisoner to my disgusting negativity, victim and blaming mindset, depression and overwhelming sorrow, to the complete opposite.

Gratitude brings you closer to the soul and spirit of the universe | How gratitude can bring you closer to Allah
The Universe can do anything, so maybe you can too?

NOW - it is not 100% positive and happy all the time. That would be a lie.


The distance between negative thoughts is huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge and it's so easy to overcome them and see them as just shadows of a past self and remnants of an old way of life, and not to be imprisoned by them.

In the past I would sink right into that darkness in my mind, now I just gratefully accept that "hey, this is just a condition that the Universe is putting in front of me so I can grow."

And I grow.

So through this process, the major changes in my mind have been:

  1. I meditate, so have cleared a lot of my negative thoughts, but still conditions bring them up from time to time, so when that happens, how rapidly I can turn it into positive is amazing

  2. A more naturally happy and positive mindset - in my mind and heart

  3. Being able to enjoy what's right in front of me, no matter how big or small

  4. Being able to accept everything and everyone

  5. Having a deep love for life and appreciation for everything and everyone, including who I am and my place in this whole

  6. The process has also brought me more focus, discipline and consistency

Gratitude brings you closer to the source | How gratitude can bring you closer to God
A changing mind through gratitude

My tips to live a more grateful life

I'm not going to bother sugar coating it, so I'll get right to it:

  1. Meditation! Do NOT underestimate the power of a clear mind free of all that bullshit going on and on in your mind! When you have space in your mind, everything changes. Without this part, for me at least, I don't see how any other part of it is remotely possible

  2. A gratitude journal - I like to write what I'm grateful for every night (whatever, big or small)

  3. The next morning as soon as I wake up I will read that

  4. Reminders around (like posters) about maintaining gratitude

  5. Having people aware of what you're doing so they hold you to account "are you sure that's being grateful?"

  6. "Mantras" or something that you can repeat throughout the day as a reminder

In conclusion for the Gratitude Experiment

So these are my findings, my changes and my tips for the 100 Day Gratitude Experiment. I hope you enjoyed reading it, and got some value out of it, and most importantly, I hope it inspires you to want to do it for yourself and discover the magic of life. All in all, what you consider to be magic is really, truly, how we are meant to be.

Gratitude brings you closer to the source | How gratitude can bring you closer to God
Gratitude brings you closer to the source

I hope you can find it.

If you've had any experiences yourself or have tried it or have any tips to share, I would love to hear them in the comments below!


May 25, 2023

Awesome! This is great!!


David Clouston
David Clouston
Feb 09, 2023

"When you have space in your mind, everything changes " - well done Steven 👏


Feb 08, 2023

Love the rad AI images 😎

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