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Day 51 of 100 - Halfway mark - how has gratitude transformed my mind so far?

So, this is officially over the half way mark of the 100 day gratitude challenge. Whilst there was a hiccup along the way with the whirlwind trip back to Perth, I have stuck with it as diligently as I could.

I want to now take this opportunity to reflect on the changes to my mind so far at the halfway mark of being grateful every day, no matter what. It’s really not until now, when I realized I was halfway that I began to think about the amazing transformations....

Gratitude is the most powerful energy | gratitude is the best energy
The entire universe entered into this mind and filled it with it's grateful energy

In week 1

The mind was exploding within that first week. It's like the energy of the entire universe was entering into this limited being, and this limited being could not handle it - certainly not with the negativity that was left inside. So, it was like this energy came and washed away the remnants of that negativity!

In that process, the mind was exploding, there was many synchronicities, and all kinds of serendipitous experiences. It was beyond profound, and if I wasn't so used to it from all the meditation I've done, it probably would have been even more so. But nevertheless, the intensity and suddenness of it certainly blew me away.

After week 1

After that first week, the intensity of that positivity had almost washed out all the negativity in this being. It settled in and became a part of me. I began to develop some extremely diligent habits and communicated with the Universe daily, and all my questions were answered.

How to talk to the universe | how to talk to God
With a grateful heart and a grateful mind, that is clear and full of faith, you can ask the Universe anything....

The hiccup - wanting to give up.

The hiccup in Perth was also like a huge chunk of old habits coming out. It was a necessary process for me to face the old patterns of thinking of wanting to give up. It was the biggest obstacle I faced, and not surprisingly in the place where the majority of those negative patterns had formed.

The following weeks

After the hiccup, there has been nothing but profound diligence. Consistency and relentless action - in ways I could never even think possible. Sublime focus, happiness, joy and just.... Being! It's been wonderful! It got so good in all honesty, I almost forgot to be relying on the Universe and started to rely too much on "myself". So, I'm now watching that mind carefully and making sure I don't develop any (more) hubris and stay on track in reyling and leaning on the Universe.

Up until today

Honestly? That negativity I had which resonated in my mind continuously like waves crashing onto the shore has finally subsided. It's only now that when I looked back, I realised,

"wow.... that negativity is practically gone!"
continuous negative thoughts entering into the mind | how do i fix my negative mind
Negativity pounding like waves on the shore

I say "practically” because it's not 100% gone. It still comes up by the condition. But it's not pulsating in my mind every 2nd day. It's a very rare occurrence.

What has been the biggest change to the mind?

Honestly, before I started my mind was fluctuating a lot between positivity and negativity. I had the consciousness to know the negativity really meant nothing, as they were just bubbling thoughts from past experiences, but they were definitely getting annoying. This has transformed completely!

And that is something I'm extremely grateful for.

I also have more and more faith in the unravelling of the future I've always dreamed of, as it's unfolding before my eyes. I try not to get too caught in it, because it can cause wild mood swings, but it's difficult not to see the inevitability and have a sense for that future.

Heaven is within | paradise is within
The utopia we all wish for is within the mind

What is something I want to try to change over the next 50 days?

My expectations and having even more faith. While I try not to have any expectations, the one thing I keep hoping for is someone will see this, and it will touch their heart and open their mind up to the infinite possibilities of their mind, and more importantly, to the fact that we're actually one and the same. The thought of that melts my heart and makes me tear up...

I hope if you're reading this, it melts yours too...

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David Clouston
David Clouston
Feb 02, 2023

If your will is to touch the sky it will happen

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