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Day 5 of 100 - Synchronicities intensifying.... Mind exploding

So yesterday, I said I was extremely tired after not having slept much. Today, even more tired. Only 2.5 hours sleep, if that. Really not much at all.

The reason? My mind was exploding. Good exploding. So many synchronicities happened throughout the day, and then just before bed. I couldn't take it. My body and mind couldn't take it. Even now, there's this kind of sickly feeling, as though the gratitude is trying to fill up every cell of my body, but all the toxic filth from my past, egoic, human self is seeping out. Yet, I was so high on life I couldn't sleep.

I still managed to do everything I needed to do, and still managed to keep moving / working for close to 16 hours, including of course my HIIT class. It's quite remarkable. But now my brain is melting, so this is all I'm going to write.

If you want to hear more about it, you can check out the instagram reel:

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