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Day 33 of 100 - Fundemental changes and grateful reflection

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

I want to spend today to look back and reflect with gratitude on how things have changed. Because today is day 33. 33 hasn’t always been a special number for me, and I’m not an “11:11” guy, but it does seem to have had a pretty big impact on my life.

Reflecting on the past....

I was not, and am not a religious person. But I do believe in a higher power. If you want to call it God, Buddha, Allah, it doesn’t matter to me – I believe them all to be culturally appropriated understandings of that higher power, and the prophets were the gateway to that.

Buddhism, Islam, Christianity | All religions are one
"Religion" is an understanding of reality over time

In my 20’s I had an experience I would describe as a “spiritual awakening” or “enlightenment” and it was from that moment that I was a believer. Prior to that I was simply agnostic, but when the conception of my “self” disappeared into the abyss, all that remained was the infinite universe and I could see God in everything – as our Mother and Father. A surge of energy rushed through this body (what I later discovered was a kundalini awakening?) and all the religions made sense. I knew everything, and knew the meaning of life was to live eternally, and that that existence of God was the Saviour.... This all just happened suddenly! I didn't meditate at the time, I didn't do anything. It last for 2 weeks! I understood all the prophets and I understood the Christ that was in Jesus. It was from that moment that 33 became significant to me and I fell in love with Jesus.

How to be enlightened | Finding my true self
My "self" disappeared and I become one with the Universe... But it didn't last

Again, I’m not a Christian nor am I religious. I speak of it as a matter of fact. It’s simply the way it is. I don't think Jesus is our Savior, I just think he was a prophet who became enlightened - it's the consciousness of Christ which is the Saviour. Sometimes I have hated that experience because it has totally changed my perception on life, and I was never the same again. But I’m extremely grateful for it right now because it’s due to that that I’m where I am with the positivity and gratitude in my mind. Because of that, I believe that the mind can be reshaped to the mind of the Universe / God. It’s because of that that I’m on this journey of meditation to return to that state.

Jesus is not the Saviour | Jesus was a prophet
Jesus was a mad dawg, and I love him

So I’m going to pick 3 things I’m extremely grateful for today, as I thoroughly enjoyed just expressing gratitude the other day.

1) Mind - Meditation

As I’ve cleared my mind, I’ve been able to live a more positive and grateful life. As I’ve lived a more grateful life, the miracles of that experience have re-entered into my life, where before I was completely lost and in the dark as to what it is was and how it happened. Life is actually a miracle - it's so magical just to be alive. The veil has been lifted. So how can I not be grateful for that? It has been the driving force for my journey.

Grateful life | Positive life
The veil in my mind is lifted, and life is so magical

Through this process of transforming my mind, I’ve been able to transform everything in my life – my habits, my finances, my body. It’s a slow process, bit by bit, drop by drop, like water droplets that erode even the largest rocks.

Also, a significant change happened where I became reborn through this process 3 days, 3 months, and 33 years into my life.

2) Mind – Positivity

When I first started volunteering, it was honestly extremely difficult. I worked hard, and did my best, but it was extremely difficult. It got to a point where every 2 or 3 days I was consumed by negativity from my past life, and it was hard to overcome. This continued from the moment I started until….. today! For 4 months I lived like that, pushing through that negativity knowing that it was only in my mind, and it was just the conditions. Today, ironically, for the first time I noticed that it’s been 5 days and I haven’t felt that negativity come up at all. I’ve simply had an extremely busy week, working 12 – 16 hours each day. I’m amazed by this.

3) Finances - Hex

Hex baby! Today is the 3rd birthday of Hex and it’s sitting at 3.3cents USD. It was through Hex that I first became a millionaire. This is still a story I want to tell in the future, but not right now, because my status as a millionaire was short lived, but it revealed the possibility to me. Before I started meditation I couldn’t get even more than $3,000 in my bank account, let alone 7 figures! So the possibility in my mind is there, so it’s simply an inevitability now, despite the fact I’m a full time volunteer with no stream of income….

Hex | Cryptocurrency | Passive income
Hex is 3.3 cents on it's 3rd birthday yeow!

These are the things I’m grateful for today. And my heart is singing. It’s the secret of secrets, but it is only hidden by our own minds…. I hope many more come to see this sooner than later. It can not be denied.

PS - bonus gratitude - how fricken sweet are these AI generated images? Thank you Canva!

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Dec 02, 2022

Hahaha love it, this article made me laugh 😂

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