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Day 30 of 100 - How I easily do 16 hours a day as a volunteer

As the clock ticks over, it dawns on me that I’ve just done yet another 16 hour day (this some Elon Musk shit). I won’t lie, I have a sense of pride about that, but I shouldn’t... I should just do the things I need to do without any mind of having done them, because I know that when I carry that mind, it tends to backfire when it reverses and shatters my expectations.

I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge how transformed my mind has become. I studied Architecture at Curtin University, and to be honest, I’m not unfamiliar with these hours. My Architecture degree was probably one of the most intense and rewarding undertakings of my life. I absolutely loved it. LOVED it. But I was always “assisted” with some kind of stimulants – multiple energy drinks, coffees, stimulants, etc. But now… It’s just a natural energy and a process that I follow.

Many fond memories in the old Curtin University Architecture Building....

How I start the day

I always start the day by reflecting on what I was grateful for the day before. I also refuse to get sucked into my phone until I’m on my way to the gym. The release of endorphins gets me under way, and I start the day extremely positively and it sets my whole day in the right frame. This is something Dr Joe Dispenza has spoken about and various other people I deeply respect – you have to start the day right. It has neurological benefits - it’s science backed! I’ve noticed the (huge) difference in my productivity between not doing gratitude and not going to the gym, compared to jumping straight on my phone. It sets the rhythm for the day.

Reflecting on last nights gratitude is the first thing I do when I wake up

How I progress through the day

Once I finish the gym, I get back to the centre where I live and start immediately doing my guiding meditation, my homework and planning my day. I’ve already pre planned my week and just adjust for the day. It gives me a sense of direction, and it feels nice to tick things off and accomplish my tasks. Normally in the morning I try to do all the “difficult” tasks as my energy levels are the highest. I then do more guiding after lunch (first meal of the day), and if I have anything to clear from my mind then I will. Following that, I use this time to do my daily Korean lesson (although I am wanting to step this up and start writing what I leanr also rather than just using Duolingo). This is the one thing I've not budged on because it's relatively quick to do to maintain that consistency.

I've made a conscious effort to at least not break this ONE THING to maintain unbreakable consisteny

I try to maintain a sense of variety throughout the day. I've observed my own energy levels and found when I’m most productive and unproductive and try to structure my day accordingly. For example, I tend to have an afternoon slump of energy, so instead of wasting time by lazing about, I go for a walk and do my brochure drops for the meditation centre to spread the word.

I also use this time to create content because it's something I really enjoy. With ideas for content, I take cues from the world. I try not to over plan it, particularly in these early stages, because I really want to explore as many different ways of creating content as possible. I’m still exploring and feeling my way around what it means to create content and pushing my boundaries and creative limits. I have noticed, when I maintain gratitude, ideas come very easily, and the world will flood me with some suggestions, and I just pick the first one and go with it. If I’m ever stuck, I just move and do something, and again, let the world direct me. I’m never let down. I don’t expect to have any viral content, at this stage the consistency and discipline is more important than the result.

Keep my energy levels up with an afternoon walk and brochure drop to spread the word!

How I wrap up the day

As the night comes, there’s two more online guided meditation sessions, and this is on top of anyone who is coming to the centre throughout the day. Every day there are four 1 hour online sessions I guide (at a minimum). I also use this time to wrap up anything I wasn’t able to finish during the day. As always, I write my gratitude blog, and journal my gratitude as a letter to the Universe before I go to bed.

Online guided meditation is the future

What I'm planning to layer into my days

As of next week, I am also planning to continue building my trading algorithm. It’s something I’ve been working at for years, but something has always gotten in the way. I always intended to finish it when the time was right, but I wanted to first establish the positive habits here at my meditation centre and “stick with the basics” before I started to overload myself. Now it’s been 4 months at the centre, and I feel ready to continue on this journey.

No matter what, I will finish this trading algorithim - no matter what, I will be a consistently profitable trader!

As a volunteer, I have enough of what I need. But I want to prove to the world just how powerful the mind is, and just how powerful this meditation is by being able to also make a tremendous income whilst being a full-time volunteer. Just before I started, my asset wealth was in the 7 figures, and I’d gone from literally nothing to 7 figures in the space of 3 years. But that’s a tale for another time, and the main driving force here, again, is to prove to the world just how powerful the mind is. I’m not trying to prove it for my own sake, although maybe there is a part of me that is…. But the main reason is I just want people to be happy. I just want all of us to live together forever. And I know that the way that can be accomplished is through becoming of one mind.

And so that’s what drives me. That’s what I’m devoted to. That’s what I’ll die doing with all my heart.

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