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Day 21 of 100 - Consistency, consistency, consistency!


That's all I can think about right now! What a wonderful thing.

I'm sitting here, all the lights are out, and I'm alone, awake, while there's deep snoring in the background. It's been a big day, from place to place, visiting family and friends back in my home state... And what a wonderful experience it's been.

Mandurah great place to visit | Dudley Park, Mandurah, WA
Staying in Dudley Park, Mandurah

I'm currently quite drunk... Everyone is in their rooms and asleep, yet here I am, awake, writing this blog post. I have nothing to say but to express my gratitude for this great state, my great family, and this great mindset that is slowly blossoming.


What a thing! I had always planned that this is when I would write it.... But this is still heart warming. How can it be that I've developed such a powerful state of consistency? I should be asleep. I am truly drunk lol....

But I won't stop. I can'r stop. I refuse to have any excuse. I was told to do this and so I will, no matter what - no matter how I feel. That was the major point of this. To do it even in these times...

It's incredible and it's liberating. But this will be short and sweet. So much busy activity going on over the next week catching up with many people and doing the things I neeed to do. I only ask that the Universe, the great Mother and Father of all, paves the way and allows me to simply jump into the river and flow with the river.....

And to be consistent.

There's going to be a lot of drinking and eating this week. Perhaps I need to make sure this is done before this time.....

Thank you and good night!

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