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Day 29 of 100 - The secret is to move with consistency

I’ve lived the better part of 36 years, pretty much being a negative, lazy fuck *shrug*. I’d like to say I was diligent, but the truth is, I was a lazy student who never studied, and I loved playing video games. I wasn’t that much into sports or going out. I was lazy. It took me a while to get my drivers licence or a job. Because I was lazy. Despite that, I always tried when there were things I loved. The separation between my heart and my mind was huge – I may have wanted to do something with my heart, but my mind prevented me…. Until I learnt to just move and the secret of consistency.

I always tried hard at university, and travelling to India to help build a play centre for a tiny village was definitely a highligh

And this is something I harp on about here, but it’s something I’m extremely grateful for… When it comes to creating content for example, my self-conscious habit comes up. But I ignore it and I just do it. Or my lazy habit. Or just any resistance in general. But I just do it. I just move. I try to do it consistently. And I'm proud to say that I am able to do majority of these things more consistently than I ever have in the past.... This is not to say it's a straight line as I'm fighting my past habits from time to time, but I can see the gradual changes, and that spurs me on.

Consistently making content to try and help people and to try and build some good habits

I’ve learnt that as I have changed my entire being – my mind, heart, and body – that it has transformed, and the resistance has become a passing thought. And it’s not something that I ever get caught on. I just keep doing the things I need to do, and the things I’ve made my mind up to do.

So for example, in the past if I get an idea, I would analyse it, wonder if it’s good or not, and then procrastinate and usually end up doing nothing out of fear and inferiority. But now, I get an idea, and I just move. And as I start, things come to me, and it just flows naturally. It's not perfect, but it's all a process. It's all part of the learning and the growth.

So I'll keep moving with consistency. And I hope if you're reading this you too can find the consistency you are searching for.

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