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Day 32 of 100 - Unity

Unity. It’s something I’ve longed for deep in my heart for such a long time. I always felt so disconnected from everyone, and I only ever longed to be united with people. From my late teens onwards, I gorged myself on the world’s suffering.

I wondered "how can I live in such an affluent society when there’s kids in Africa dying of starvation?"

It broke my heart time and time again to see how the people of the world are being taken advantage of by the systems we have in place. There’s no unity. I don't want to be political, but I definitely went through a phase of not being a fan of what Capitalism was doing to the world (I have totally changed that mindset now and do appreciate it for what it is).

No unity in the world | No harmony
Despite its profound benefits, Capitalism has seperated and divided the world up into monetary value

Boundaries between houses. Boundaries between suburbs. Boundaries between states. Boundaries between countries. Boundaries between races. So many boundaries…. No unity. That’s all I saw. It made me endlessly sad and depressed. What’s the point of living like this?

But now I have hope. Today I joined a special meeting with people all over the world who are doing the same meditation method that I’m doing, and it fills my heart with joy to see the boundaries being dissolved. It fills me up!

It's time for the world to unite, once and for all!

This is unity. This is coexistence. This is the only world that I want to be a part of.

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