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Day 4 of 100 - The thoughts don't exist

Oh boy, my energy levels.... Wowee! It's been a long day. If you count starting with the gym at 7am, it's now nearly 11pm as I write this, and I have worked more or less all day!

  • Went to the gym

  • Guided 5 meditation sessions

  • Created content for my Instagram

  • Did my letterbox drops

  • Started a YouTube video

  • Practiced my Korean (GAMSAMNIDA!!!)

  • And now finishing this blog

This is all on 4 hours sleep 2 nights in a row. Definitely feeling it. But I don't want to slip away, so I do need to listen to my body (just not tomorrow cause I have to go to HIIT class for 5:30am!)

I am starting to REALLY enjoy creating content. This is the world we live in, so I need to get with the times and overcome my negative thoughts, insecurities, doubts and laziness. I can not believe how fast I am learning, and to be honest, how impressed I am with myself (whoops!). It's amazing. I went back to where I was yesterday to record a new Instagram Reel.

But it's not like learning of old, where it was stressful and difficult inside my mind. I am just plowing forward through all the obstacles, and I'm noticing the obstacles are only in my mind!

Artificial Intelligence kind of learning....

This is a different kind of learning. This is a learning that is "in tune" with the Universe. Things I need are popping up in front of me at the right time, and I just follow it. I am just going where the wind takes me with a grateful heart. Totally open and totally accepting.

So therefore, it's easier to be humble when I say how "amazed I am with myself", because there's this deep feeling that it is not, at all, being done by me. Myself is the construct of the past, stored in my mind - and those thoughts have only been a blockage and a hindrance! I don't need that shit.

Gratitude is blowing me right away. I do wonder if I can maintain this for the whole 100 days though....

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