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Day 83 of 100 - The battle rages on.... How blessed are we?

Haha the other day I said that I think all the negativity was gone, but the fight those inner demons is still going on!

Battling inner demons is the most difficult battle we face

But I've been getting pollacksed ever since. Funny how that shit works. *tries not to flip off the Universe*

In any case, I can also see that despite the "negativity", it's... It's the great love of the Universe.

Had I let go of these things in the past it wouldn't have been an issue, but I never did, and so now, by the condition those layers of thoughts are resurfacing....

But in the same way, the Universe is also sending a lot of help to help me overcome those minds as quickly possible.

Universe sending waves of love...

And it hits me.... How blessed am I?

This position I've been allowed to occupy comes with many blessings...

All I need to do is keep my head afloat and gratefully follow. It's actually all that all of us need to do, but it's not how we are, is it?

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