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Day 80 of 100 - A "cluster" of thought patterns = no humility

As I work my way through a lack of humility and trying to develop more, I'm realizing that the lack of humility isn't just a "one dimensional" way of thinking.

It's connected with a whole bunch of other types of thoughts.

Ways of thinking are all an interconnected mess...

Here's what I identified:

  • When things don't go my way

  • When I feel like I'm doing everything

  • When I want recognition

  • When someone points out my flaws

  • When I'm not willing to accept I'm wrong

  • When I feel others can't accept they're wrong

These are the types of patterns which triggered this uncontrollable intensity in my mind.

The beauty is, being able to identify each individual thought pattern, and being able to reflect on them and let them go... That's where the work is.

The other beautiful thing is, how rapidly I "come to my senses" and realize "Hey, I'm the one that's wrong here because I have this filthy thinking"

Searching through the darkness to get to the clearing...

It's only a matter of time until that way of thinking is completely gone and the mind is pure and clean.

But until that point where it's all gone, it seems the best course of action is to "unpack" each if these ways of thinking, because they're all clustered together in one horrible manner...
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1 Comment

David Clouston
David Clouston
Jan 21, 2023

I love the photo of the forest

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