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Day 63 of 100 - 2023 and why goal setting has value

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

In the past, I never really did any kind of goal setting. I just drifted through life and kind of hoped things would work out. I've found that this is not really the way to go if you truly want to achieve.

There's actually something quite profound about setting your mind to a task, especially when you have gratitude. Things just tend to work out. But this is not to say that it doesn't come without a lot of hard work! And whatever level of difficulty you're trying to achieve - it seems to require that much work. I know very well ;)

Goals for the year

So today I spent the day planning and goal setting for the year, categorizing into

  1. Meditation centre goals

  2. Mind and body goals

  3. Financial and research goals

  4. New meditation organisation for schools and workplaces goals

I find it useful to think about how long they'll take to complete and when they should be completed by, otherwise it's just quite vague. 2023 is going to be an absolutely mind blowing adventure!

Adventure into 2023

Why these goals?

I set myself reasonable, but ambitious goals. I want this to be another huge year. Last year was transformational, and this year it’s about setting the foundations right for the future. This meditation centre really needs to kick off. That’s the main priority.

Even the trading, as obsessed as I am, it’s actually about being a vehicle for generating wealth for the meditation centre and for the goals related to the meditation centre. It's also as a “test” to prove to myself, and the world, just how powerful the mind is.

I asked the AI image generator for a beautiful price chart and this is what I got...? Not much price, but it sure is beautiful

Right now there’s a lot of tension about the success of it. It’s so not easy haha. So much time is needed, it’s insane. Interestingly though, I set myself the goal to finish an algorithm by the end of last year, and I literally did it with minutes to spare… I then wrote in my diary last night that I wanted to increase it’s win rate, and funnily enough I did that today…. To the number I asked for!

How will I achieve those goals?

  1. With gratitude!

  2. Put in the time, energy and effort.

  3. Ask the universe and it gives

  4. Continuous reflection

Conversations eith GOD | talking to the Universe
Just ask the universe...

But I’ve got to be better this year at balancing myself. If I can’t control it now, it’s definitely not something I’ll magically be able to control in the future.

So I’ve got work to do this year. And I'll make sure that I'm doing it all gratefully!

What are your goals for 2023, and if you're reading this at a later point, did you achieve your goals?
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