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Day 62 of 100 - Grateful for the year

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

I didn't get to do a new years eve post (I had every intention to), but I ended up getting surprisingly drunk and well, it just didn't work out.

So I've kind of missed the opportunity, but I think it would be nice to reflect on the major changes from last year.

It's always good to reflect on the year that was!

How have things changed over the last year?

1) More gratitude - this goes without saying. My mind has totally begun to shift completely to a more positive mind set.

1) More consistency - it's 2am, and I want to sleep, but here I am writing this blog.

2) More focus - my focus has become sublime. It's actually almost becoming a problem!

4) More discipline - doing things no matter how I feel

5) More patience - patience with people and patience with life.... But still needs a lot of work

6) Less negativity - this is great! It's always been a huge block on everything I do, but gratitude has been washing it away.

What's been the biggest change?

Moving to Brisbane and becoming a full time meditation helper. Everything I do now has to be directed towards helping others, and I try to put myself last. This is not easy, but it's profoundly rewarding and life changing.

Brisbane Meditation, Nundah
In front of the Brisbane Meditation car with some of the crew :)

I'm not sure many people understand what it truly means and I think most people have the misconception that I just chill out all day haha. I actually do more now than I've ever done in my life and there's so much energy.

Did I achieve all my goals?

Honestly, no. Were they too ambitious? I don't think so. But when you're trying to change so much, it can be quite difficult. The biggest "failure" has been my relationship with food. While it's better than it's ever been, I haven't been able to truly cut out sugar, and I still binge eat from time to time. Mostly though, the binge eating is from a lack of sleep and "stress" eating when I'm trying to accomplish something extremely difficult.

Lack of sleep leads to over eating | stress in the bodyl eads to over eating
Overeating is still a problem from time to time....

I did however manage to "finish" my trading algorithm. It's not great to be honest, but it's something I can at least move forward with, and I'm very happy about that. It quite literally went down to the wire...

But I won't stop there, I'll keep refining it.

Did you achieve all your goals?

What did you achieve for 2022? I'd love to hear about it! And it's a great opportunity for you to reflect and be honest with yourself so you can move towards improvement for 2023


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