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Day 88 of 100 - Grateful for even the little things in life and how they can lead to revelations

When it comes to appearances and design, I'm very meticulous - sometimes painfully so.

OK, this is a bit of a shithouse sounding story, but whatever, it's about expressing gratitude :P

I went to the shops today with a mission to buy some new thongs.

Normally, when I do this, it's a big process of going to about 10 different stores to find the perfect pair, even if I find something really good first, I'll look. It's a massive drag in all honesty.

But today I went with some friends so I didn't really have the opportunity due to the circumstances.

But I ended up finding a fricken sweet pair straight away, and they were cheaper than their marked price, and they're comfortable AF and look dope.

Hah, it reminded me of the times where I've been at total surrender to the Universe and surrender my every thought to the will of the world - what people ask I do, where I'm told to go, I go.

Listening. A state of pure listening. With the mind of the world....

The True Mind.

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