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Day 89 of 100 - How the smallest things can be an opportunity for growth if your mind is open

Recently, I have been wanting to have more humility.

I have been asking the Universe every day to bring conditions into my life that will humble me.

Because I'm asking, I'm keeping an open mind and doing my best not to follow my own thoughts and desires, but instead to follow the world.

How following other people and not my own thoughts leads to more humility

This morning I wanted to get a coffee - not that I needed one, I just wanted one.

But because of what was going on around me, I was told not to go.

How to overcome anger issues | How to overcome rage when I explode
Centuries and centuries of stored up rage explode to the surface

Instantly, my pride was triggered, the idea of being told what to do against my will set my entire being on fire and I wanted to explode in defiance.

That young boy that grew up with that pride and fiery temper I inherited from my ancestors....

How to transform rage into something positive | Learning how to let go of deeply held anger
Treating every opportunity that comes my way as chance to change and grow

But because my mind is set to the task of letting go of that pride, I instantly recognized it, so I first separated myself from it, calmed down, and just accepted the situation.

It provided an opportunity to grow out of that and into having more humility.

How to speak from a place of calmness and peace and separate myself from anger
Finding that calmness within and acting from there

There's still a long way to go, but I just keep taking 1 step at a time.

Seems to be all I can handle...

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1 Comment

David Clouston
David Clouston
Feb 02, 2023

Really liking your blogs Steven!

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