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Day 90 of 100 - Grateful to be able to move the body and the trap of "tomorrow"

Lately, I've lost control of my eating habits, and I think I know why.

I've been caught in the trap of "tomorrow"!

There is only the eternal present | Don't get sucked into the illusion of waiting for tomorrow
Time is a human construct.... It can be a trap

Tomorrow I will start dieting. Or tomorrow I'll eat better. Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. Then tomorrow rolls around, and guess what? It becomes tomorrow's problem again!

I love eating, I love food, it’s a pleasure of life, but at this rate if I consume sugar and processed food like I am, it’s a 1 way ticket to diabetes.

I can feel the moment I've pushed it too far when my entire legs start flooding with insulin and I get lethargic, want to rest, and it kills my productivity.

SO! What can I do?

I can start today. Today is the day to be grateful. Today is the day to move. Today is the day to eat better. Today is the day to take control. Today is the day to respect my body.

Just being able to move, go for a walk, go for a ride, go to the gym - it never disappoints.

Is this something I'd want to lose?

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