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How to get the best results from the meditation method you practice - 7 tips for better meditation

I have been meditating for over 7 years and am now a meditation guide at Brisbane Meditation. As far as meditation goes, you could consider me an expert, but I have mostly been devoted to 1 practice.

My journey has not been a straight line. There has been many ups and downs as I've battled my way through all the different false versions of me in my mind.

I wanted to share my take aways over the years for what's gotten me the best results.

Discarding meditation tips | Tips for self reflection meditation
Self reflection and discarding meditation is the one I practice

Understanding there are many types of meditation

It's important to note, that there are many types of meditations out there, but the ultimate objective is to find peace and happiness within your mind. I have tried various different types of meditation and analysed others, but I've stuck with the one that's worked best for me and had a clear, goal orientated method I could follow, as well as a destination.

The destination is to achieve enlightenment, and the way to do that is to discard all the false thoughts, feelings, emotions and versions of you from your mind. Within you there is happiness, peace, calmness, focus, wisdom, gratitude, joy, bliss, heaven!

How to get to heaven through meditation | How to find bliss and happiness within from meditation
Happiness, joy, bliss - heaven exists within you!

I have noticed that there were times when I was getting much more out of the practice, and other times where I really struggled with my mind.

So, I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect back and see what were the common characteristics of the times where I was in that state of enlightenment for extended periods of time.

My 7 tips for getting the best results out of your meditation

  1. Total surrender – Acceptance that I’m not doing anything. Universe does everything – the good, the bad, the everything.

  2. Humbly listening – Like I know nothing, with no mind of my own.

  3. Acceptance (Follow the world) – This is part of surrender and part of humility, but this means to follow everything the world (people included) is telling me and showing me as though that was my actual mind.

  4. Faith – That the Universe is doing everything, and I don't need to worry I just need to put effort in. This is also in the form of talking to the Universe by asking or even writing.

  5. Limited / no social media – The less I get dragged into ideas, imagery, and conversations of who I thought I was, the more free from my false self I become.

  6. Discarding 24/7 – Meditating relentlessly and as best as I could without rest. This was in the form of seated meditation and moving meditation.

  7. Gratitude – Really just immersing myself in the positivity of how I was feeling and just being grateful for how blessed I was to be experiencing all the things I was experiencing.

When I followed this there were miracles, synchronicities, manifestations, and the the 3rd eye was wide open, creating an open pathway of communication with the Universe - God. The body was also full of energy, love, joy, happiness, bliss - every positive emotion you can think of - and everything was so effortless just being able to flow with the Universe.....

This is something I will layer into my next challenge to see if I can do it for the next 75 days....


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