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Are You Living to Your Full Potential by Using the Power of Your Mind? Or are You Just Slowly Dying?

Updated: Apr 9, 2023


Do you feel like you're not truly living up to your potential and life is slipping you by? Do you struggle with understanding your mind, let alone harnessing the power of your mind? The mind can be your biggest enemy or your greatest ally, and if you're not using it right then are you even truly alive, or just going through the motions, slowly towards death? In this article, I will provide some simple steps that have helped me unlock my own potential, and then how to just enjoy the unfolding of life. I hope it can help you too.

how to unlock the power of your mind to its full potential | how to make my dreams become a reality
When you unlock the potential of your mind, you can dream anything into reality...

What does "using your mind" mean, isn't my mind me?

No, your mind is not you! Especially in the west, we have been thoroughly deceived by Descartes proclamation "I think, therefore I am".

  • What is generating those thoughts?

  • Where do they come from?

  • What is the source of the thoughts?

These questions are a good starting point of self-introspection which will help you gradually detach from your mind as you as you.

Your mind is just a tool, but it's running continuously with a stream of thoughts and feelings dictated by all of your past experiences, your subconscious and your body. It's just like a lifeless robot in that what's coming out of the mind is based only on what's been put into it, ie programmed into it. And it's likely it's not working in your favour!

Why does it feel like I'm a robot | My mind seems like a robot
Your mind is a robot and you're running the program

Using your mind to its full potential is made to sound so easy - just study any of the countless self-help books, YouTube videos, and podcasts that provide you with a convenient shopping list of things you need to do to be able to maximize your potential.

So, you might be asking yourself, "well why the hell can't I? What's the difference?". The difference is what you already have in your mind - that programming.

People who succeed don't have negative minds - or at least they don't let it weigh them down. They have positive minds, and this is how they are able to maximize their potential. It's their mindset. If your mind is full of limiting beliefs, doubts, and negativity then you will constantly attract that into your life. You'll keep looping the same patterns over and over again, destroying your potential

So if you think about it from this perspective - are you truly living, or are you just slowly dying, wasting your one precious life?

The mind can be your biggest enemy or your greatest ally

When I used to live in Perth, WA, I ran an architecture business, but I didn't have the right mind for it at the time. Even though I had confidence to start my own business (or perhaps it was arrogance), there was so many gaps in my learning.

I never fully developed into an architect, nor did I really work enough for anyone else to really know what was required of me as an architect. On top of that, running a business is not easy. Client management, financials, marketing, meetings, and so on. Again, I had no experience. I just jumped into the deep end... and I drowned. How was I ever going to develop my potential without guidance and without the right mindset?

I didn't realise it quite so profoundly at the time, but because my mind was so negative, there was no way I was ever going to succeed. On the outside, I tried, but it's what I had in my mind that meant it was never going to truly work. I mean this literally, and metaphysically.

Why do i keep following the same patterns | why is my mind so negative
You will attract negativity to you if you have a negative mind

How you can unlock the full potential of your mind? This process has worked for me

The irony is, in a way it is as easy as the books and podcasts tell you. But if you have a mind full of negativity, then that's all you'll have. If you stay trapped inside that way of thinking, then for sure, that is what you will die with. So here is my process for how I have able to unlock my own potential.

1) Let go of the negativity from your mind - clean it out!

The thing which has changed everything for me has been to discard all those limiting beliefs, doubts and negativities from my mind. I couldn't possibly pretend to believe positive affirmations, or try living in a positive way, when I had so much negativity in my mind! It's by far the number one most important thing for me, to do discarding meditation to clean my mind up from the roots. It's the missing piece for me to all the self-help books and processes - they're all mostly the same, but they don't tell you how to clean the mind and get rid of the negativity first!

How can i take consistent action? how can i harness my mind to take action
You have to take action with a clean mind and move with a clean mind to truly succeed

2) Develop a method / routine that works for you

Everything after that you can mix and match from everything in the world according to what's suited to you and your own temperament. But you'll need to know who you are first so you can develop something that works for you. You know what helps with that too? Discarding meditation ;)

3) Take action

Manifesting the life of your dreams works, but not without action. It's crazy to think otherwise. I've been able to develop a habit of consistent action after a looooooooot of cleansing away all the negativity from my mind haha. The habit of continuous and consistent action has been crucial to unlocking my potential - otherwise every idea just dies without action.

4) Have faith in your True Self

Stop listening to the voice in your head. It's bullshit. It's NOT YOU. I do my best to try to objectively refer to the mind as a "thing", because most people think "that's me". No, it's not, and I'll keep saying it until everyone in the world realises it.

The Universe is you - the Universe is your True Self. True faith is faith in your True Self which is faith in the Universe. There's no difference. But there is a huge difference if you are living with the belief that the voice in your head and all of the past it holds onto is you. If you haven't discarded it through meditation then your faith is missplaced. Then you can live with unlimited potential!

The Universe is your True Self | Who am i ?
The Universe is your True Self

Time to watch the magic unfold - time for results

I've moved to Brisbane and am currently running and building up a meditation centre.

I want to help all of Brisbane, all of Queensland, all of Australia, and all of World. But, I now know I have to take 1 step at a time.

This blog will be testament to whether what I'm saying is the truth or not. The results will do the talking. Whatever I say is just words and empty without results, and I'm fully aware of that. But if I can get you to start to see how these ideas will transform your life, then I'll have done something right!

I can see how every little action I take is contributing towards the goals I'm setting myself. On the outside, you would say that a brochure here, or an instagram post there is what is leading people to the meditation centre, and while this is true, it's the underlying force that has me fascinated...

How to harness the energy of the universe | how to manifest
Your mind is connected to the Universe, so you can move the energy around

The energy behind the intention, and the thoughts and minds that are being shifted in the region. The person who hasn't even seen us yet but has now decided it's time to google "meditation" and happens to come to us. The person who notices us and decides to walk in off the street. You'll write it off as coincidence, but I see it as the magic of the Universe - the quantum field - life itself.


Don't waste your one precious life time, enslaved to repeating the same patterns over and over again. Your mind is running just like a robot with the programming from your life, your subconscious and your body. The way to unlock your potential is by cleansing it first, and then creating a system for yourself that works. I've shared my way with you, and I'm confident that if you struggle in the same ways I have, then cleansing your mind is your first step and highest priority.

The choice is simple, which will you choose - a slow, pointless journey towards the grave, or a life filled with the joy of doing and being and living to your full potential?


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