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Do you feel trapped inside of your negative mind? A 4 step process to quickly change your mind state

Do you find yourself constantly battling with your own mind? Always falling back into a negative state of mind?

Me too. And it's taken a lot of work to break free from it. In this post I am going to cover where the negativity comes from, and how to change it.

How to change from negativity to positivity | Changing from a negative mind to a positive mind
If you change your mind, you can change your life!

Why is my mind so negative?

First of all, do you physically represent your parents? Of course. What about mentally? You might not see it, but you certainly do.

When you were born, you had their minds and your ancestors minds imprinted into your mind - this is called the subconscious mind and is the foundation of your mind.

Then on top of that, it formed how you saw the world. So if you already had a lot of negativity in your mind inherited from your ancestors, then you also saw the world in this way, and built up your perception of reality in a negative way.

And your mind takes the path of least resistance. The same neurons that fire and wire together keep repeating, and so this is why your mind is negative.

How do I change my negative mind? A 4 step process to change your mind state

Tony Robbins has a fantastic method which I just recently learned about, which very much complements this method, but with an added step. And for the record, his methods have been scientifically verified!

Tony Robbins and changing your mindset | How does Tony Robbins help change the mind
Tony Robbins has changed more lives than anyone else on the planet!

1) Accept what is happening in your mind

This one took me a looooooooooooooooooooong time to realize. Whatever you resist, persists. So just accept that you are negative and that you have work to do. Don't fight it.

2) Switch to gratitude

This one also takes practice! I have written in detail about this and there is an effective process I follow for gratitude, but you also need to be grateful for whatever the mind is that is coming up

3) Meditation - reflect on that mind and let it go

Meditate on what that mind is, where it originates from, and clear it all away from your mind. Once you clear it away, it stops being an automated process and cut the circuitry at the source. I use and guide this meditation method which I believe can work for anyone.

4) Take action and move with consistency

This is one I thought I was clever in figuring out, but turns out Tony Robbins really has this one down pat. You have to change your physiology! Change your environment or get out of it, and just move your body and start doing something besides dwelling on the negativity.

The difference to Tony Robbins I have is I don't delude myself into thinking of a positive mind state. There is also a discarding component. I find that that comes naturally as my mind becomes clearer and there isn't that voice in the background calling it a lie.

Consistency is the key

You have to do it over and over again. Consistency is truly the key! Whatever you keep thinking and doing reinforces those neural pathways, so you have to work to reduce those pathways and build new ones.

You have to be consistent and not give up.

Whenever you really feel like "this is not working!" is precisely when you're about to have a big break through.


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Gab Adam
Gab Adam
Feb 23, 2023

Love reading Steven!

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