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BTCMobick and Awakening the Sleeping Whales: The Story of What You Might Be Missing Out On Pt 1

Updated: Oct 4, 2023


In this article, I want to introduce you to a project that has serendipitously stumbled into my life - BTCMobick. When things like this happen by chance, I always follow the direction of the Universe with my heart.

With a fascinating origin story that had me hooked from day 1, I am getting more and more excited as I start to uncover details of the story of what BTCMobick is, it's charismatic leader and a surging price that has seen it go from $0 to $290 AUD in just 4 months!

BTC Mobick has a fascinating origin story
BTCMobick has a fascinating origin story

Everything Starts With the Bitcoin Phenomenon

Bitcoin emerged out of 2009, presenting itself as a potential savior to the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, and has gone from an enigma, to a curiosity, to a joke, to a contreversy, and now to a genuine threat to the financial system - rising from nothing to a peak of around $69,000 USD in 2021.

Since it's inception, Bitcoin has had several forks and to be fair none of them have really succeeded long term (at least in my opinion).

BTCMobick is now the latest fork, conceived by the famous South Korean author Oh Tae Min and his company Otaverse.

Bitcoin Mobick is the latest fork of Bitcoin
Bitcoin Mobick is the latest fork of Bitcoin

It Needs a Charismatic Central Figure

The success of many projects depends on the source it came from - and with just some research on Oh Tae Min, I've quickly seen how intelligent he is in this field, which already gives me a lot of conviction.

He is one of the first authors to have written about Bitcoin in South Korea and has lectured and educated about Bitcoin and blockchain since 2014.

As you can imagine, being an early pioneer in Bitcoin brought him a lot of hardships - mockery, criticism, judgements, as well as being called a scammer and crazy. The path of paving the way of something so innovative is one of the most difficult things anyone can do, reminscient of the struggle I've seen Richard Heart go through.

After years of unsuccessfully trying to penetrate the maxi community with his ideas on how to improve the network, Oh Tae Min decided to fork Bitcoin and put them into practice through BTCMobick.

The Birth of BTCMobick - Awakening the Sleeping Whales

"Mobick" is a play on Moby Dick, the famous book written by Herman Melville. The reasons for this name is that among his many goals, Oh Tae Min wants to entice the hidden Bitcoin whales.

For the world to truly accept Bitcoin as a reputable form of currency, it needs to remove any kind of negative sentiment surrounding it.

BTCMobick is trying to "catch the whales" of Bitcoin, by luring them in with price as they have an opportunity to claim their stakes of the fork within a certain period of time. If BTCMobick is successful in this, it can remove the negative sentiment around unkown whales dumping and effecting the price.

Can Bitcoin whales be enticed by BTC Mobick?
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$200 AUD In Just 4 Months? The Hype is Real!

One of the things which has gotten me really hooked on this project is how quickly the price has moved in such a short period of time. It has already reached an all time high of around $290 AUD, and as of September 18, 2023 is sitting just over $200 AUD.

I think this is all due to the strength of the network. It has a very strong foundation, with an airdrop that is the most unique concept for an airdrop I have seen so far in cryptocurrency, which I will cover in my next article (full disclosure - I participated in the the airdrop, but I've recieved heaps in my time in cryptocurrency and none have engaged me like this).

The price of Bitcoin Mobick in KRW shown in the candles, and the search volume for it on google in blue
The price of BTCMobick in KRW shown in the candles, and the search volume for it on google in blue

Conclusion: Can the Whales be Awakened?

If you've been in cryptocurrency long enough, whether you like Bitcoin or not, you've seen how powerful a force it has been on the world.

But there's been many forks of Bitcoin, so the question remains - can this one really engage the whales, and more importantly, an expanding community?

With a fascinating origin story, a strong leader behind it, the community forming around it, and the market hype already surrounding it, if the price is anything to go by then how long will it be before the whales are awoken from their slumber?

Whales aside, are you sleeping on it?

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Thank you very much 감사합기다

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