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Day 75 of 100 - My cryptocurrency trading plan

They say investing and trading requires mastery over your mind and decision making, and that the best type of decisions are made with a clear mind.

This means to not be dictated by emotion. When you have a plan, you let the plan do the work, not your emotions. You get wrecked by your emotions (I'm an expert :D)

But in fact, with a clear mind, you can simply observe your emotion and use that to help you determine decision making. On top of this, if you have a reaaaaaally clear mind, you can feel the consciousness of the world and base it on that.

But that's probably a bit deep...

In any case, it's the 3rd revision. The 1st was very basic. The 2nd was more developed. The 3rd took all the failures of the 2nd.

Organising my finances is a big part of this year if I'm to achieve the goals I'm striving for.

I've tried to keep it simple, clear, easy and according to my own tolerances for risk and aligned with my future goals.

The major thing I'm working with is just dividing everything into 3's. Strategies, holdings proportions, buys / sells - all in 3's. Very simple.

I like 3 :)

I like 33 :)

I like 333 :)

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