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Day 68 of 100 - Let's talk mindset and trading again

Mostly because I think it's so important.

One of my favourite trading channels is No Nonsense Forex. He is a massive proponent of psychology / money management being number one in trading.

Because I've only just been building the algorithm, money management is only being "tested" as a system.

I'll go forward with it on Monday to start fully testing it on demo.

What it's been like up to this point?

I have to say... It's difficult to contain myself. I am ecstatic.

1000's and 1000's of hours have gone into this.

And the back test suggests it is going to be a fully working system.

And it's not been easy.

My mind came up with all sorts of reasons as to why it didn't work, or why I couldn't do it.

You can't do this. Your not smart enough. This is not for you. It'll never work. It's just a scam.

It was a battle!

You make a break through, and then you hit a weakness. It truly taught me about progress.

It also taught me about this little "sress" ball I bought for one of my best friends daughters.

You can push those buttons in, and it's really ufn trying to push them all in, but if you apply too much pressure, the rest will pop up.

I couldn't get them all down, it was extremely hard.

That's the analogy I'd use to describe what it's been like putting this algorithm together.

Even if it doesn't pan out.... What a mindset. What a profound mindset meditation has given me....

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