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Day 59 of 100 - How a grateful mind helps with finances and trading

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

The first time trading came into my world was when my wife left me. I had tried to get some extra work and tried to prove myself to her, so I'd put an advertisement on gumtree and checked the box that I wanted to be contacted about Forex. And it blew me away in more ways than 1!

How to make money with Forex | A Nononsense forex algo
Forex is a whole new world where you can make money

First of all, the explosive potential for profit on a highly over leveraged account was extremely thrilling. Then there was the fact that this alluring new "science" could actually reap many financial rewards and I could fulfill my desire to actually be a productive male for my now ex-wife.

Full of hopes and dreams, I had started gently by committing a small % of our total savings. Haha... I'll bet you can guess where this goes, especially if you know anything about Forex trading.

I was a Forex losing statistic
You can lose it as quickly as you can make it in Forex.... But 95% of people lose it.

A little lead to a lot, and a lot lead to a lot more, and a lot more lead to all of it. And within the space of just a few weeks I had lost our entire savings.... I was devastated. My chances of winning back my ex wife disappeared with every last cent. I had so much riding on it.

But I was ridiculously overleveraged and inexperienced. I thought because I was "smart" that this would be easy - I even recall the moment I arrogantly proclaimed to my friend that this was "so easy". It was that very trade where I lost everything.

No Nonsense Forex indicators
Testing indicators the No Nonsense Forex way

My journey could have ended there. Perhaps it should have. But it opened my eyes up to a whole new field of study where money could be made.

From that moment, I've continued to explore Forex, but mostly I got into cryptocurrency. It astounds me that I didn't give up. I was a man on a mission.

My now ex-wife was well and truly gone, but I persisted. I studied. I learnt. I chased every carrot on a stick. And the Universe lead me to where I am now.

1000's of hours later, endless hours of study, testing, refining. Will I crack the code? Who knows. It all just adds to the experience. It seems as though I'm close, but it's always seemed that way.

Backtesting indicators with code.... and then hand and eyes

It's lead me to cryptocurrency all the same, and that's something where I know success is an inevitability. But I'm stubbornly persisting and won't give up till I get to where I want to be. Others have done it, and my old self would not have been one of them. But I'm determined to prove that my new self can be.

And so with a grateful heart and a grateful mind, I just keep moving forward and trying all sorts of things in the hopes that I'll find what I'm looking for.... A money printer I can use to serve the world.

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