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Day 43 of 100 - Obsessive ACTION

It's hard to believe how obsessive I have become about action, given where I was just a few years ago... When I want to achieve something, my mind just gorges on it, and I can’t stop. It definitely has a dark side.

Today I spent all day focusing on my trading algorithm given there was no one to help. It was a quiet day at the meditation centre.

The meditation has helped me have this laser like focus, but the downside is I become insanely one track minded. I find it difficult to pivot into something else until I achieve what I set myself out to do.

Learn to live a balanced life
Laser focus can be good or bad... Need balance and to flow

In the end, I did reach a point where I was satisfied with what I had done, but I found it hard to take myself away from it. It’s a habit I must work on, no doubt.

I should be able to adapt and change and just go with the flow with ease. Not having any attachment whatsoever from moment to moment.

There was a time (the last meditation session for the day) I was hoping nobody would show up so I could do it! I knew because I had that thought that it meant people were going to show up. And they did. And it was hard….. but as I sat there and meditated, there was a HUGE liberation of energy, and a great wave of peace came over me. All this dark energy left my being aand light filled my spirit in its place.

Too much focus is bad
Release of dark energy

It ended up being just enough, right on time. Another present by the Universe. It was a lesson in acceptance.

Thank you, Universe <3 <3 <3

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