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BTCMobick February 2024 Price Update


The BTCMobick price update, for most people is the most important thing. In a recent video I went over the price chart and how the health of the ecosystem was very positive due to the continual expansion of the network. Unfortunately, the price chart didn't show properly so I will go into in detail in this article.

BTCMobick February 2024 Price Updates

The following price chart is put together by community with an Excel spreadsheet, by the market maker who tracks the price and creates the market for Mobick.

The price in the chart shown is in Korean Won, and for a peer to peer trade token, it has an extremely good looking chart - this can't be understated.

One of the key targets for Mr. Oh (the founder of BTCMobick) was 10,000 KRW, which it has far exceeded. As of the 26th of February 2024 it was sitting at approximately It's sitting at 245,000 KRW which is $281.90 AUD. It's all time high was around 365,000 KRW, which is $419.97 AUD.

As you can see the price chart is really strong, showing solid zones of support and has really stabilized and is looking good for another buy, with not a lot of selling going on.

I believe a lot of this surge in price has to do with the JTBC announcement, and the continual expansion of the community and adoption of the ideas Mr Oh Tae Min is promoting as one of the most famous Bitcoiners in South Korea.

How to Purchase BTCMobick

If you are interested in purchasing some BTCMobick, you reach out to me and I can connect with you with the Australian seller or the USA seller.

As it is currently strictly peer to peer for countries outside of South Korea, it is quite a slow process with bank transfers. This will continue until countries outside of South Korea have access to Mobick Mania where all the trading is currently taking place on for South Koreans.

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