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Day 10 of 100 - 10% of the way hey-yooooooo

Updated: Nov 4, 2022


Consistency is not something I was ever good with in the past. In fact, I was extremely unreliable and inconsistent. These days though, as I've reflected on myself and the criticism I've received on that part of myself, I've looked back and discarded those things from my mind, and have actively tried to change so as to be more consistent.

I'm not going to sit here and say I'm perfect. But I at least consistently meditate, consistently go to the gym, and consistently put my effort into the things I said I would do, despite how I feel. Part of this blog is an effort to continue to build and cement consistency as a habit.

Why consistency is so important to me

As a predominantly right brained creative, consistency is not something I was renowned for. So I could start things with high energy, but never finish them. And what's the point of that? I have to keep taking 1 step at a time.

Consistency is key | 1 step at a time
To achieve my goals, I have to be consistent

So if there's something I'm grateful for today, amongst the various things which are coming to me continuously, it's the level of consistency I am building. I'm doing my reel's every day, and with my mind and heart wide open, I'm able to spot opportunities everywhere for things to do.

I'm just trying and experimenting and I'm thoroughly enjoying myself with the reels. We're living in a world of content, and content creation is something that's going to be a valuable tool moving into the future. But I've found myself really loving it way beyond my expectations.

Doing anything with an open mind and an open and heart, and of course gratefully, is allowing me to embrace and accept everything. Even the "bad" things which are now proving to be a source of inspiration. Like clouds they pass as my mind becomes and more aligned with the sky.

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David Clouston
David Clouston
07 de jan. de 2023

Thanks Steven, your positivity propels me to do

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