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Day 22 of 100 - Busy, busy, busy

The mind of being busy is a really difficult thing to face. It's something we often feel keeps us productive and working hard, but actually, all it really does is disturb the flow of nature.

I've noticed a lot lately that thinking "I am busy" is disturbing the entire force around me! Making all sorts of accidents and issues happen in my life, as well as amongst other people.

Rushing about is pointless. There is nowhere to go but be here now.

There is nothing but the eternal present. That's all there is. So what is there to be busy about?

It's something I need continual reflection on as I move forward. I like being productive and working hard, but I don't like being busy. It is thoroughly useless. It makes my stomach churn.

In any case, it was always going to be like this once back in Perth, trying to distribute myself amongst everyone. The frustrating thing is I don't feel it's necessarily about me people see, but more about whether I see them.... So I am trying to appease that and keep moving forward.

But I would like to see them all the same.

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