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Day 27 of 100 - Some great progress and a few of my favourite things...

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

I got to readjust this habit…. Of leaving the blog ‘till the end of the night. Honestly can’t be bothered doing it. But just doing it cause I promised myself I would, but it rarely feels sincere, just feels like I’m doing it cause I said I would. But hey, that’s also part of the point too I guess?

Some progress

Mood has definitely brightened today after I decided to make it brighter the night before…. Had a lovely day, promised myself I would try to make my guests feel extra special before they left for New Zealand. I thought I had been a bit dark prior to that. Not that I wanted to, but my vibration was very low…. Very disgusting from my shitty habits in Perth. One thing though, in the past when I was in that state, my thoughts would be REALLY dark and negative. But it’s really subsided over time as I’ve gradually discarded more and more negativity from my mind. It was really only the feeling that remained. I realised that today and that made me extremely happy to reflect on the long term changes.

Made some good progress today

A few of my favourite things

We went to Joey’s in Brisbane for some breakfast / brunch (I had acai bowl nom nom nom). Went to a market to pick up some ingredients, saw some sweet buildings, then learnt how to make my favourite Korean dish – godeungeo jorim.

Eating was the best part of the day :P

Constantly, CONSTANTLY trying to switch my thinking to gratitude and positivity. Constantly. It takes work. It takes clearing the negative mind.

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