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Day 37 of 100 - Observing the consciousness revolution

I’ve been doing some research on what the most popular items in Australia are and I've been noticing some macro trends. They say Australia is the lucky country - you're damn well bloody right cobber.

Do us Australians realize how lucky we are? Living in a this incredibly affluent country where we have the luxury to look for trendy and functional nappy bags, and you compare that to some other countries where they don’t even have food to feed their children. It’s saddening.

Australia is blessed | Grateful for Australia
Australia is the lucky country

I was also curious and just played with google keyword analysis and looked up “meditation” and was blown away – Australia is the highest-ranking country in the world for that search term! I was really blown away!

And so I’m seeing a trend, and one I’m extremely grateful for. In my research for items, lots of health and beauty, organic products, sporting – things that take care of the body. But I also noticed that people are craving developing their minds too, with audiobooks ranking extremely high, as well as things like brain support supplements and sleep aid products.

mind nourishing | the right books grow your mind
Audibooks are massive trend for the mind

Who would have thought 100 years ago there’d be a gym every second street of Australia? I doubt many people. Who the hell wants to go to a place where you lift weights for pleasure? Unthinkable! Now everyone is doing it or has at least tried it at some point in their life. Really think about how crazy that is.

Mind before body
Lifting weights for pleasure.... uh.... what?

These days, with meditation trending, and with an increasing demand to nourish the mind, I believe the universe has put me way ahead of the curve on this one. And I feel EXTREMLY blessed on that. I see people struggle and try to develop with things I suffered with years ago and am now totally free from.

find your true self | true self meditation
True mind development is to find your true self.... which is the universe

So, all I want to do now is help meditation proliferate. I want to help spread the truth of the matter. There’s nothing more fulfilling!

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