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Day 50 of 100 - Half way.... But not celebrating yet

The reason why I don't want to celebrate yet is, well.... My mind is completely fried. I have pushed myself to the absolute limit.

Continuously baffled by what these AI image generators can produce... To think this one is free!

This is probably the earliest I've written my blog, and it's the closest I've ever been to not wanting to do it. Bargaining with myself that I would do it tomorrow.

But that partially defeats the purpose of this exercise! I can still be grateful without writing, no problem there, but it's also about the habits this exercise has helped me build. This consistency of action.

And so I did the same today, despite how I feel, despite that my eyes are burning and it's a blur to even read the screen.

Tomorrow will be the celebration. Tomorrow is the day I moved over that major hump, and I want to reflect on this progress with a clear mind.

I dream of a future utopia, not dystopia

Haha, I just even added an arbitrary image cause I'm that fried. But isn't it lovely?

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