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Day 45 of 100 - Must do it, no matter what

One of the reasons for starting this blog, along with gratitude, and along with trying to write things that others will find helpful, is to build consistency and do it no matter what.

I've spoken about it quite a lot throughout this blog, because I believe that even being grateful requires consistent effort - so they go hand in hand.

Today, it's probably the earliest I've written this blog, but I am absolutely exhausted. I've hit a wall. Too many long hours, too much brain power used on building my trading algorithm, and not enough sleep.

Universe giving signs
Universe is always communicating.... Universe is you

Haha, it's funny, (well, kind of funny) but last night when it was 2:30am and I thought about having to get up at 6:30am to go to the gym, after only getting 2 hours sleep the night before, the thought entered into my mind "maybe it's not a good idea cause I'll injure myself" and at that moment I dropped what I was holding on the floor.

Normally when things like this happen, I take it as a sign from the Universe and it never leads me astray. This time I didn't listen. 'Lo and behold, I hurt myself at the gym. Tweaked my shoulder :'(

I told you, didn't I?!

So there's something to be said about "doing it no matter what" and taking proper care of your body; about finding that balance. I'm not really taking proper care of my body in terms of rest! I'm eating extremely well and drinking lots of water, but I'm running this body into the ground.

This is the most tired I've been in a while, so tonight I'm getting an "early" sleep. But I'll still be up at 5am to go to my HIIT class.....

I ought to find that balance....

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