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Day 74 of 100 - Grateful for the future, but loving the present

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Recently, I've really been getting into AI and metaverse, and it all just keeps making me more and more excited about the future.

But I'm just loving working right here, right now, and building towards that future.

What makes it so exciting is the uncertainty - how exactly will it unfold? I try to really feel the future and where I'm headed, but I don't really know how I'll get there, and that's what makes it so thrilling. That blend of certainty and uncertainty.

So I wanted to share some things.

Some awesome tools

I stumbled across these amazing websites that aggregrate all of the AI tools out there. and are databases that aggregate all the AI tools out there. Pretty damn neat.

The way I view it, is AI is not a threat - it's just like the discovery of fire. It's a tool that liberates my mind from all that useless thinking and I can just use the AI as an extension of myself!

Mind blowing videos - let's learn together!

I've started a YouTube playlist where I can store all my favourite metaverse videos. It's my own journey through navigating this space and trying to understand it.

There's only 2 on there, but both of them have thoroughly blown me away.

Feel free to check them out, and better yet, please share with me any of your own favourites.

I shall gratefully accept :)

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