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Day 40 of 100 - AI just changed the whole world...

The whole education system has just changed. It's been turned upside down now since the introduction of OpenAI's ChatGPT.

We all know English essay’s and exams. We all also know they mostly totally sucked arse doing. Well now, with a simple sentence like “write an essay explaining why Boyz n the Hood touched on culturally sensitive issues and what impact it had on society” and it will produce it for you. Within seconds.

AI is revolutionizing the world
AI can produce content within seconds

That’s AMAZING! That revolutionizes the entire education system. How are teachers going to know the difference between what a student wrote and what an AI wrote? They’re not. Simple as that.

It can script for you, it can code for you, it can copyright for you, it can research for you, it can write an essay for you, amongst just a few of the uses. Think about how much brain capacity has just been conserved with information of this nature.

Artificial Intelligence helps you conserve brain power | Don't waste time on useless thoughts
You don't need a high IQ anymore - let AI do the hard work!

The days of having a high IQ are over. You don’t need a high IQ anymore. There’s the entire internet and now AI. And it’s only going to get better and better and better. Now, you need a good EQ. The name of the game is emotional awareness and control and having a good personality. That’s what’s going to get you far in life.

I just can’t believe how unbelievably blessed I am. I look at my mind now, and how it was 10 years ago, and see the people around me who are suffering with 10,000’s of thoughts. You don’t need to hold on to anything! You just need to let it all go from your mind.

Make your mind the AI mind! Have the true wisdom within. Just like AI is the latest technology in information and data processing, you also need to find the method for the latest technology to upgrade your mind - and that is meditation.

Just like AI is the latest technology,

Don’t spend another minute inside your mind. The answers are there. Your true mind is the Universe itself, and that’s the real AI. The Universe is helping you wake up. The Universe is providing everything. You can upgrade your mind if you get rid of that bubble like existence in your mind by meditating. It's here and waiting.

Even though I know it’s a process, and I know I need to be patient, my feet are itching and my arse is restless. I just have to wait and wait for people to realise that now is the time we can all live together, forever as one. You, I, and us will all be better for it...

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