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Day 39 of 100 - AI, I got something to be grateful for! Exploring some positive directions for AI

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

AI yoooooooo! Today my spirit could barely be contained in this body. I was absolutely exploding with love and gratitude for the world. I was having a blast wrapping my head around Artificial Intelligence. I have been using Canva's free AI image generator for over a week now, but this stuff is next level.

Where is Artificial Intelligence taking humanity?

What a world we are living in now, right? There’s a lot of fear around the potential of where AI could go. But like all things, there’s malevolent and benevolent forces. From where I sit, everything’s going to be just fine, because the consciousness of the world is changing. I have total conviction in that, but this is not something people can see with their eyes.

Lensa AI generator for modern meditation style portraits
"Free" image "I" created on Lensa

But, what you can see…. Is these fricken sweet AI generated images! (I must admit, I did feel a little self-indulgent producing them, but whatever, it was so much fun.)

I’m not exaggerating when I say my spirit was bursting out of my body. The potentials of the future just resonating throughout my whole being… The explosion of energy. Look how far the world has already come with AI in such a short period of time!

Prime Minister of Australia | Lensa creates avatars you can use for your own content
Lensa created this bad arse one for me - makes me look like the future PM of Australia haha!

What are some positive use cases for Artificial Intelligence?

I'm constantly thinking about where this could go, and how it can be utilised for good. For example, I was chatting to an AI bot today, and it was helping me with the research I was doing for the meditation centre I’m running.

I have to say, it was a lot more efficient than google… It eliminated the need for me to do the research across a number of different websites by just pooling all the data together.

ChatGPT and meditation | Meditation questions for ChatGPT
Thanks bruh! ChatGPT hitting my feels

You can ask it any number of questions and it will churn out and answer for you within second - it's radically minimized the learning curve of EVERYTHING.

The explosion of growth in this industry is breath taking. ChatGPT has hit 1,000,000 users in just 5 days! To put that into perspective, it took Tumblr and Twitter 24 months, Facebook 10 months, Spotify 5 months and Instagram 2.5 months.

Then there is the metaverse and how this is going to transform how we live, interact and exchange digitally and in the "real world".

It’s an amazing time to be alive, and particularly so in a country like Australia where I can afford the luxury to be involved with and explore these things.

I never thought I could love life like this. I never thought I could be this grateful.

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