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Day 79 of 100 - How important food is for my mind...

Haha, it always seems to be that when I say something like "oh things are going great!", then the Universe almost instantly shows me "hang on, you still got these types of thoughts"

OK, OK, OK. Gee whizz. I suppose I was asking to be humbled....

Universe sending it's giant to humble me !

I've slipped into a cycle of reasonably unhealthy eating this past week. Eating out a lot as I had a friend visiting from Perth, and now it's carried into these last few days.

So tomorrow I'm cutting that shit out.

It really ruins my gut, and then a bad gut makes me lazy. Real lazy.

Apparently there was a study done on rats that even proved that a good diet = more action.

One thing I will say though, is the overwhelmingly negative thoughts that would always come up, don't seem to be coming up - maybe like 1-5%, compared to the past where it as 100%.

So I'm bloody grateful for that.

Re-embark on the journey and go clean for a week

Maybe even I ought to do a cleanse for week.

This is what my Mother would want....

I'll do it for her.

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