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Day 52 of 100 - Spoke too soon!

This seems to be happening a lot lately. When I make some kind of breakthrough, and I try to share it to help others, it's revealed to me that whatever I said had changed, pokes it's head up again!

It's happened with finances. It's happened with my body conditions. It's happened with my mind.

I don't know what it is... But it bloody sucks. You know how they say fake it till you make it? I call bullshit on that.

My mind feels heavy right now

I'm EXTREMELY tired. I haven't had more than 6 hours sleep for about 3.5 weeks now. Averaging 4ish. There's just always too much to do. The centre I operate is open 9am until 10pm, which is quite extreme, and then often I'm exercising before that, and then working after.

My entire body is is really resisting now. Sometimes I wonder if it's my mind, or if it's other peoples minds weighing me down in that global consciousness. When I put out "help" and it gets rejected or judged, and the vibration comes back at me...

But you know what? I have to be grateful, because it's always the Universe's way of saying "hey, you've still got a little bit of this left!". So, I'm grateful for that, even if it's a bitter pill to swollow.

I'm also grateful that I still wrote my blog, and I still made my content, and I still did my tasks, even though I just want to go to bed.

Now it's time to go help people.

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