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Day 9 of 100 - New day, new week, new person

Monday's used to be the worst day of the week, because it represented the start of a work week. Now, I look forward to Monday's most, as I've built some bloody good Monday habits.

I find that I can quickly spring in to action as the grip of the weekend escapes me. Sunday is always the worst day and has been my whole life. Loneliness, depression, sadness, hang overs, come downs - just shit. But Monday.... I've become like a Pheonix Rising, even when the Sunday feels have gripped me.

From Sunday....

.... To Monday.

In the past, that Monday was just another day where I had to try and work while combating the flood of negativity.

But now it represents a new beginning.

A new beginning

Today, I used humour to change the state of my mind. They say humour is the best medicine, as when one is laughing, there can be no negativity in the mind. With that in mind, I really plowed forward with what I needed to do today and created multiple reels for instagram. Really starting to experiment a lot and absolutely loving it.

It reminds me of my architectural thesis and my theory on creativity. The idea is to "load up" the mind, then just let go and let the Universe do the rest and an idea would come. I'm finding this to be exactly true with the explosion of creativity. And with a clear mind, it's even more profound, because with the eyes and ears of heaven, it's a lot easier to see what needs to be done when the opportunities present themself.

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