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Changing Old Habits - 6 Week UBX Nundah Exercise Challenge COMPLETE (New Learnings!)


A few weeks ago I completed the 6-week exercise challenge with UBX Nundah, and was really hoping to change some lingering old habits.

My diet was always an issue, but through this challenge there was some really valuable insights I picked up on the way (and 6 pack abs!) that I want to share.

My 6 pack doesn't look quite as good....
My 6 pack doesn't look quite as good....

Changing Old Habits - What Changed?

Who we think we are is just a cluster of habits. One of my biggest struggles was trying to lose weight and managing my eating patterns and my exercise.

Marty got me thinking about not eating enough, and at first I thought it made no sense, but I decided to trust him wholeheartedly - he's the expert, not me!

I incorporated another meal into my day and realized that my craving for junk food and sugars really subsided! I was exercising too much and not eating enough so I would get these overwhelming urges to eat junk food.

Has that disappeared? Not completely, but I can identify easily why now! The only time I get "urges" is when I haven't slept enough and I over work (something I have been doing a lot lately).

Changing habits starts with realising we are an accumulation of habits!
Changing habits starts with realising we are an accumulation of habits!

Did I Hit My Goals? Damn Straight!

I exceeded my target weight, which I was really happy about. I'd been struggling to get to there for over a year. But the extra meal and the consistency of exercise really helped.

I also learnt a lot about just how much the type of food I am putting into my body actually fuels my exercise, and that really helped me smash some benchmarks. It's kind of obvious really - I knew it effected my mind, but didn't realize how much it effected my exercise until I put it into practice.

I've really been able to strike a sustainable balance!

I also now have a 6 pack. It was hidden by layers of fat but now I can see it now haha. I'm happy about it, but there's also a part of me that's thinks "so what?" haha. The body ages and fades and eventually disappears.

I've finally hit a good balance which helped me change my habits
I've finally hit a good balance which helped me change my habits

New Habits = Eating More Whole Food, But What's Missing?

Marty really went the extra mile with me. He's vegan, and like everything I try to approach it with an open mind. I can't sit here and say I'm a vegan, but I have continued to reduce my animal protein intake and replace it with plant based proteins and eat more whole foods (sweet potatoes, rices, quinoa, tofu) as the science really supports it.

He also got me onto the idea of Blue Zones and the diets and lives they have. I'm very interested in longevity and I believe it's going to be a topic that attracts a lot of people to meditation.

The main thing that's missing right now though is more sleep. When I work hard, I work reaaaally hard because I'm able to focus like a beast thanks to meditation. It's probably because I've been so lazy in my life, that now when I work, I go for a good 18+ hours a day. at 1.5x speed and efficiency.

But a lack of sleep leads to calorie cravings, as the body thinking it needs extra nutrients and "junk food" ticks that box!

The type of food you put into your body effects you in many ways
The type of food you put into your body effects you in many ways

Conclusion: It's Still a Work in Progess

I was really happy with Marty's guidance and I'm extremely grateful to all the help he gave me and the things I learned through him. The Universe is always sending us the right people at the right time, and now I was ready to take it to the next level.

Now the goal is to keep that consistency of exercise and eating and make sure I'm always eating enough to match my exercise habits. The final piece of the puzzle is to get the sleep right.

Thanks to meditation I know what kind of person I am and I've been able to gradually design my lifestyle around my natural inclinations and step by step get to where I was always meant to be.

Blog Summary

  • Completed 6-week UBX Nundah exercise challenge

  • Focused on changing old habits, especially diet

  • Realized importance of eating enough to curb junk food cravings

  • Exceeded target weight, achieved 6-pack

  • Discovered impact of food on exercise performance

  • Shifted to more plant-based diet inspired by Blue Zones

  • Acknowledges need for more sleep to avoid calorie cravings

  • Grateful for guidance, recognizes ongoing work in progress

  • Goal: maintain exercise and eating consistency, prioritize sufficient sleep

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