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Day 46 of 100 - Grateful for an insanely focused mind

Reaaaaally insanely focused. To my own detriment. But boy it's such a power.

But it has it's dark side.

But forget that!

I'm just going to stick to the gratitude. I cannot believe the hours I'm pumping! The ability to just focus on the task at hand. And to ignore a lot of the habits.

Habits don't exist
Light of the universe is smashing through the habits

For example, I'm doing difficult work. So my body is craving food. But I do my best to deny it. I haven't been snacking too much and I mostly eat only twice a day.

This is a profound difference to this time last year.

There's still work to be done on the depth of this "stress" feeling, as it goes deep. But it's so easy to not be in it (Haha, but it's like it knows I'm talking about it right now lol.... It's pulsating!)

Absolutely grateful for that :)

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