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Day 49 of 100 - Being grateful for those on your team

Tonight, is the World Cup! Argentina vs France. I'm not a huge into soccer, but I played it most of my life and it's fun to be engaged with the happenings of the world.

Soccer is a team sport. You know what makes the best team? Team work! Yeah sure, you can have the best players in the world, but it seems as though if you can't mould together and work as one, then your chances of success aren't as good.

Find your Tribe | Find your team
Tonight is Argentina Vs France - Whoever plays as one will win!

Just think about it! It's the X factor. The unity of mind and body between the team. I see it all the time in AFL as well. When teams are in a flow state, they just dominate and run rampant.

Living in the world is no different. Who's on your side? Who's in your team? I'm really getting to know my team and gradually, over time, bit by bit, humbling myself to the world and to the voices of the world - aka others. We are all on the same team, but we just don't know it yet.

Come together
We are all one team - we just don't know it yet

So, I'm grateful to know who's on my team right now. The ones who are looking out for me and always taking care of me and doing their best to lift my spirits when I'm downtrodden, and to make sure I take care of my mind and body when my habits get in the way and destroy them.

Thank you to my teammates. You know who you are.

And to the rest of you.... I'm waiting for you. In my heart, we are all together as one.

Why don't we team up?

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